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Two year's Bonus! Mar-12-2016 05:50:35 AM live in its 2nd birthday. And we will open bonus in this month from today! The bonus will ended once this month finished. The Investors who deposit more than 1000$ will get 100% bonus directly to its account, And the investors who deposit more than 5000$ will get 500% bonus directly to its account. All bonus can be withdraw anytime.

Two year! Mar-12-2016 05:48:40 AM meet its 2nd Birthday and we are happy with all of our investors. We hope lead all of our inestors making more money and profits in 2016. The new year and the new chance. Join early and you will change fast as you want!

One year! Feb-28-2015 03:21:39 AM
Fantasticmoney has been online sucessfully for almost a year now. During past year, we successfully test our system, all running smoothly. The whole capital flow is quite healthy.The most proud thing is we have payments sent all instantly, and we are gaining many new investors' trust.

Online 150 Days! Aug-14-2014 11:06:16 PM
Today, We are proud to announce that FantasticMoney is online 150 days.
Come and join hands with us to eliminate poverty across the globe.
Now we start a new bonus plan.Any new deposit in Silver Plan or Gold Plan can get 150% bonus!So be quick,make money with us!

Celebrate 100 days online for Jun-23-2014 09:54:32 PM
FantasticMoney is online almost 100 days!All clients get High ROI profit.
We are becoming more and more popular,thanks for your support.
We now accept 6 e-currencies,and we will accept more processor soon.Any investors who want to deposit with other processor can contact our support team for more details.

70 Days online! May-26-2014 08:07:56 AM
Today we have a really great news,
Our program still working within a 70 Days online!
If you have any problem about invest,please contact us,we are glad to help you. Team
Thank you for staying with us. is Growing Faster and Faster May-17-2014 04:51:53 AM
We are pleased to announce that our program is online for 2 months.
We structure an Investment Program that aligns to your ideal balance of risk and return. After all, this is your future we are working with. We take that very seriously.

Online 30 Days!Deposit Bonus! Apr-17-2014 02:01:19 AM is alive one month, we rank in Alexa is about 300,000.It is growing fast as we expect and we thank all of our investors and prmoters.To celebrate this anniversary, our company has decided to launch the bonus program for some new deposits.
1. 200% deposit bonus, Any new bitcoin and egopay deposit more than 1,000 usd will get 200% deposit bonus.
2. 100% deposit bonus, Any new bitcoin and egopay deposit more than 500 usd will get 100% deposit bonus.

Perfect Money Deposit Bonus from today! Apr-2-2014 09:28:45 PM is online for some days already, and we keep up fast growthing as we want. Now we decide to share more profit with all the investors.From today more than 200$ PM deposit will get addition 100% bonus. And more than 2000$ deposit will get 200% deposit bonus as a special use. If you have any questions about it please contact us. This bonus promotion will ended anytime when we have enough pool in our market can managed. Grow Fast Mar-24-2014 06:09:12 PM
Dear investors Grow Fast these days.All of our investors got there profit within 3 hours after the investment,and they loved it.Now you can make a deposit into our program using the six currency Bitcoin, EgoPay, Okpay, Payeer, PM, and STP.
Our support team is working hard and we will do our best to let all world's investors know us. Please let your friend know us too then we will increse more fast!

Bitcoin Deposit Bonus! Mar-19-2014 09:05:42 AM
In the next five days,any new deposit made by Bitcoin will get 50% deposit instantly to his account, it can be withdraw anytime.
This deposit bonus offer is only alive for 5 days from today! We welcome all investor like investing with us and making profits with us. open to public. Mar-17-2014 04:27:17 AM online website open to public today, We welcome all world's investors! accept below e-currency for now: PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Okpay ,Payeer ,Bitcoin and STP. Enjoy profits and money with


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